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Oxford Stormex Premium All-weather Motorcycle Cover Med

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- Externally bonded seams for maximum rain protection
- Ventilatedto reduce condensation
- Tough outer protects against weather &knocks
- Soft heat-resistant lining protects against scratches
- Reflective panels increase visibility at night
- Adjustablebelly strap holds it in place
- UV colourfast solution dyedfibres
- Rubber taping with UV protection
- Heat resistantlining material in case of momentary contact with exhaust
- Wraparound splash protector prevents water from being absorbed up the lining
- Lock pouch helps to keep your padlock off the ground
-Strategically positioned holes facilitate the use of a lock; lock pouchhelps to keep your padlock off the ground
- Rear window allows thenumber to be visible, but an internal 'curtain' enables it to be covered
- Front inner pocket with PVC window to hold a solar panel charger
- Dimensions: 229cm (L) x 99cm (W) x 125cm (H)

Do notallow this cover to come into contact with hot exhausts, engine parts orsharp objects