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Motion Pro Motorcycle Cooling System Stepless ClaMotion Pro Kit, 85 Pcs With Box

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85 piece Stepless clamp kit Stepless clamps provide secure 360 degree clamping with no gaps Specially formed edges reduce risk of damage to hose and hose barb Durable partitioned plastic box with snap lid keeps your stock of clamps organized and ready to use Contains assortment of commonly used clamp sizes for motorcycle and ATV cooling system Please follow factory service manual recommendations for selecting correct clamp size for each engine Clamps require use of Motion Pro Std Pincer tool (12-0024) or Side Jaw Pincer tool (12-0073) - sold separately Individual clamp sizes available separately for restocking Kit includes following items packed in a convenient storage box:12-0078 Stepless Ear Clamps, 14.8mm to 18.0mm range, 10 pcs11-0066 Stepless Ear Clamps, 17.8mm to 21.0mm range, 10 pcs11-0067 Stepless Ear Clamps, 20.9mm to 24.1mm range, 10 pcs11-0068 Stepless Ear Clamps, 23.9mm to 27.1mm range, 10 pcs11-0069 Stepless Ear Clamps, 26.9mm to 30.1mm range, 10 pcs11-0070 Stepless Ear Clamps, 29.9mm to 33.1mm range, 10 pcs11-0071 Stepless Ear Clamps, 32.9mm to 36.1mm range, 10 pcs11-0072 Stepless Ear Clamps, 36.4mm to 39.6mm range, 5 pcs11-0073 Stepless Ear Clamps, 40.8mm to 44.0mm range, 5 pcs11-0074 Stepless Ear Clamps, 43.8mm to 47.0mm range, 5 pcs