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FERODO Brake Disc Pad Set FDB2131ST

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FERODO Brake Disc Pad Set

Platinum Carbon Grip Series for Street use - front applications. There is only this FERODO Compound available for this pad reference.
Attn - Each Pad Set contains two individual pads for fitment to one disc rotor caliper.
Click on the Compound link to discover the features for this compound.

    • Carbon based composites bonded together with an organic resin.
    • Non Sintered formulation with excellent bite and controllability.
    • Suitable for stainless steel or cast iron rotors.

Guidance for installing new brake pads :

  • New brake pads should be fitted by a qualified technician and 'bedded in' correctly to achieve the best braking performance.
  • The Disc Rotor should be inspected and replaced if damaged or worn.
  • The Brake System should be cleaned and serviced with new Brake Fluid.
  • Sit back and view the FERODO 'How To' info video below for changing brake pads.
    Remember, the same principles apply to all motorcycles using hydraulic disc brake systems.