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EK Chain Honda CBR300 RChain & Sprocket Kit

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Supersprox Sprocket Kit

Supersprox are one of the best in the production of performance motorcycle sprockets.

A supplier and technical partner to many motorcycle producers.

EK Chain
These chains are available in standard gearing along with special coated colors too as options, which make your motorcycle good looking and cool. 
Exclusive CRH pin treatment provides an extremely hard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear. The Chromium Carbide pin surface coating also offers superior impact and shock absorption while reducing oxidation caused by natures elements.  
 Lightening holes on the side plates
  1. Reduce the chain’s overall weight by 3%, without compromising tensile strength.
  2. Extend the service life by dissipating heat.
  3. Helping reduce dirt and mud build-up.




Honda CB300F 14-18 CBR300R 14-18